Fermented Garlic sitting in a bowl on a bamboo plate.

Simple Fermented Chopped Garlic

  I can’t for the life of me remember why I started making this Fermented Chopped Garlic recipe. It could be because it only requires two ingredients, Salt and garlic.  Maybe it’s because I hate messing with and chopping garlic.  It could also be that I forget to purchase it from the store when I run out. This recipe serves all of my lazy girl needs. I only have to make this once every 6 months because it lasts forever in the fridge. Which also means I only have to deal with garlic every six months. Win win. If you don’t wish to deal with fresh garlic at all you can simply purchase the pre-peeled bags of it to make this recipe. I’ve done it. Both ways work. Just know fresher is always going to taste just a little better. In this recipe I use either Kosher Salt or Himalayian Pink Salt.  If you are unsure of which salt to use read my post on Types of Salt.  It will explain more. A Word About Airlock Jars The only piece of hardware I really recommend is an Airlock jar. I have used many different jars for fermentation. Airlock jars are my absolute favorite. My husband handmade mine. But, if you aren’t into that you can simply purchase them on the World Wide Web. If you don’t know which kind of fermentation jars to get be sure to check out my post all about them HERE.  I like to leave this to sit for at least two weeks. But it’s usually longer. The garlic will change in color slowly. It will naturally darken. I’ve had some of it turn green. It’s totally fine as long as its not moldy. This usually has to do with either the age of the garlic or the compounds in the garlic changing from the fermentation process. Make sure not to fill the container less than an inch to the top. The garlic will expand after several days due to the fermentation process. If you over fill the jar, the garlic will attempt to escape your container. This is why I love airlock jars. Most fermentation needs as little air as possible to prevent mold growth. So typically you want your product either submerged under liquid or filled near the top of the jar to prevent oxygen. But with the airlock it removes most of the oxygen due to the expanse of gases pushing more air out of the one way valve without the need for extra food in the jar. It prevents mold and you don’t need to overfill the container.   How to Fill the Bubbler Once you have the product filled make sure to fill the top bubbler to the designated line.  Most people use water which will work fine.  I however, like to use vodka.  Vodka tends to keep it mold free and more sanitary which I’m all about.  For some reason I also find it makes it the airlock work  better. Either way, make sure if you keep the jar fermenting for several weeks you check on the liquid level in the bubbler and refill as needed. Do I Need a Weight for This? So I use fermentation weights for most of my ferments.  This is one of the exceptions.  It is a very dry ferment.  So there is not a lot of liquid.  There really isn’t anywhere for the fermentation weight to go.  So it really isn’t necessary or very functional. Making the Next Batch and Storage Once you have leftover garlic from your first batch, make sure to mix a little with the new one. This will help the fermentation process to go much faster on the next batch. Be aware that when you break the seal to open it, the scent of garlic will knock your socks off. The garlic scent as well as the flavor increases with the fermentation process.  So you can reduce the amount of garlic in your recipes if you like. Storage and Cleanup Once you are all done, store it in the refrigerator and use as needed.  It will keep for around six months.  I recommend keeping one airlock jar just for garlic if you can.  I also recommend hand washing your container and airlocks even if they are dishwasher safe.  If you don’t it will make your dishwasher smell like garlic for a week.   This recipe is easy to double or even triple. I make a pound and a half at a time. Don’t forget to use it to make garlic bread. You’ll never want store bought again.  Fermented Chopped Garlic    

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A table with flowers on it. Next to the flowers is a jar of Avocado oil mixed with ghee.

Simple Lactose and Casein Free Butter Oil Blend

  Okay so the hardest thing about having a mostly dairy free house is finding substitutes that make you feel like your cheating on a diet. You know what I mean. There are tons of substitutes for the things we can‘t eat but most of the time they really disappoint.  One of those things for us was Butter.  We used butter on everything. Lactose and Casein Free Ghee I was so grateful the day I learned about Ghee. Depending on your dairy intolerance or allergy Ghee may be an option for you. For many people the issue with dairy is with Lactose. In our house the intolerance is Casein. The amazing thing is that you can purchase Ghee that has had most if not all the Lactose and Casein removed. For us the worry of a reaction is enough that I do not make Ghee myself. I used to but now I purchase it. The reason is that companies are able to test their product to ensure the amount of Casein and lactose is below 1% which I can not do at home. Sorry guys no testing facilities in this house. There are more than a few of these companies out there, just look for a label that specifically says Lactose Free and or Casein Free Ghee. So here’s the thing, if your issues with dairy are more than just a small thing, consult your doctor first. I am not one nor will I ever be one. Far to much work for me. Making Ghee Taste More Like Butter So once we discovered Ghee was available to us it changed our world. The downside to this was that Ghee is like butter on steroids. It tastes so much like butter that it can literally overpower anything you eat. Not in that wonderful way you hope for either. But I discovered that if you cut it with a very neutral oil, you can make it taste very close to butter in whatever you are eating. My oil of choice is Avocado Oil.  A good quality avocado oil is not only neutral in flavor, but healthy as well.  What’s awesome about this recipe is that it makes your Ghee go even farther.  This is a wonderful cost cutting way to extend how far your oil will go and it tastes great. Mix together and use it on everything from pancakes to shrimp linguini. My absolute favorite way is on popcorn.  The taste is fantastic.  If you try this make sure to let me know what you end up using it on. This recipe takes almost no time at all to make. It’s a wonderful butter substitute for those who are intolerant of casein or lactose. Tastes wonderful on everything from pancakes to popcorn.

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