Barnabas Robotics Mini Tinker Kit

Unboxing Barnabas Robotics Part 2: Mini Tinker Kit 2.0

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It time!  Today we have another Unboxing for Barnabas Robotics. This time we will be opening the Mini Tinker Kit 2.0  This kit has four projects in one.  It includes an Animal Bot, Wheel of Fortune, Doorbell, and Scribble Bot.  The mission of Barnabas Robotics is to empower kids as young as 5 to learn robotics and coding.  Check it out!


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This is a three part unboxing.  The three kits we are going to unbox are:

  • The Mini Tinker Kit
  • The Barnabas Bot
  • The Simple Robot Kit x2


The Mini Tinker Kit is for ages 6-10.  It retails for $22.95.  All Barnabas Robotics kits come with free shipping after $35.  These kits would make for excellent creativity days.  You could as use them in your unschooling curriculum.  Check out our other Unboxing for the Simple Robot Kit HERE.

If you have built one of these and want to share what you think let us know in the comments below.  After these kits are unboxed and built we will do a follow up review on them in another post.  Stay tuned!

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