2 thoughts on “Understanding ESA-A Simple Guide (Arizona Only)”

  1. The ESA is not for homeschooling. That is clearly stated in the law and in the ESA contract as well as Handbook. Homeschooling remains a separate education option per AZ law and those who go that route receive no public funding of any kind. The two terms are not interchangeable/synonymous.

    1. I realize that this topic is a sensitive one for people and I don’t wish to debate it in any way. You are correct that the state categorizes “homeschool” and ESA “schooling at home” as two different classifications. However, the main difference to each of these schooling pathways is funding. One you pay for out of your own pocket and the other you receive funding to help you achieve the same goal, that of educating your child. I am in no way saying they are the same. However, as I believe that both of these options have a place for consideration amongst homeschooling families, I feel it is a topic which should be shared and discussed. What pathway each family chooses to take is a personal decision and they will need to file that choice with the state, no matter which option they take. Thanks for helping me clarify this. Have a fantastic day!

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