3rd Grade Curriculum Picks

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Okay so I’m really behind on this post.  I wanted to get our curriculum choices out a lot earlier.  But since we already used these, I thought it was a good idea to post our 3rd grade curriculum picks.  So here’s what we ended up using:

All of our literature studies were done as Charlotte Mason Style narration with the exception of Charlottes Web.  We added a unit study to it.  Self guided reading was done throughout the week with independent choices.


Just about everything we used was really good.  We did switch from Shirley English to Fix It! Grammar mid way through the year.  I kept the Shirley English Jingles, but found that Fix It! Grammar worked better for us.  We also made the choice to switch our Spanish curriculum as we had outgrown the Calico Spanish program.

If you are interested in some of the programs we use, I have written full reviews of the following:

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Be sure to check these out!  I’ll be sure to share what we use for our upcoming curriculum shortly.

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