About Self Made Modern

Self Made Modern was born from my own personal needs.  I have always been a hands on, DIY kind of girl.  I love to cook and bake. I also want to be able provide simple, easy to cook, real meals for my family.  But my family deals with both peanut, casein and other allergies.  Many of the people I know are diabetic or allergic to some type of food.  I really wanted a site that would address these needs.  I wanted this to be as easy as possible.  So if you have a food need be sure to use our search tool or categories list.


In addition to this I love to do upcycling projects.  I hate throwing good things away especially when I can make them better than they looked when I got them.  I love scanning through Pinterest and finding creative ideas for craft projects and DIY projects.  If your like me you will love this site.  If you don’t see what you want, please be sure to check back often as it will take some time for me to add everything I’m hoping to.


Food preservation was something that I happened upon while working years ago.  I believe that the best meals are home cooked meals.  Food preservation is a way to home cook meals for a rainy day. As a busy mom this appeals to me. 


The pandemic made me a homeschool teacher like so many of you.  Distance learning was so hard on our family.  I realized at some point I had become a homeschool teacher on someone else’s schedule.  So I took my time and scratch built a curriculum that would fit my families needs.  


I realized at some point that I could not be the only mom who wanted to prepare healthy meals for her family, save money, and secretly thought about homeschooling her kids.  So really, this is my way of helping others to learn to do all those things that took me so many hours of labor.  To share my favorite things so you won’t have to search for them yourself.  


My hope is that someday this will be a true lifestyle blog.  That you will be able to find all those things that you have been searching for on multiple sites in just one place.  This place.  But until then, please enjoy all that this site has to offer.  Feel free to leave a suggestion if I haven’t covered something you would like to see.  If nothing else, I hope this site gives your family more time to enjoy being together.



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