Kiwico Eureka Crates Subscription Kits Overview

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Hey guys!  I thought it would be great to show you an overview of KiwiCo Eureka Crates.  We have been using the KiwiCo Subscription Kits for a long time and have a great selection of their products.  This overview will give you a large look at not only the KiwiCo Eureka Crates boxes, but also give you an idea of their entire line.  You will get to see how well made they are as well as the quality and craftsmanship involved.

The KiwiCo Eureka Crates line is rated for ages 12+, but I have found younger kids can do it with assistance.  These kits start at $26.95.  However a lot of their other lines start at $18.50 and begin at ages 0+.  Also, they give great discounts on multi-month subscriptions.  The longer the subscription, the more you save.


I am such a huge fan of KiwiCo as a company.  Not only are their products great, their customer support is even better.  They make fabulous gifts for kids.  So check out this video to see a vast array of their products.  Make sure to share with me your own KiwiCo Experience.  I’d love to hear how you like some of their other lines.

A collection Kiwico eureka crate subscription boxes. These are all made of wood and hand built. From left to right. A pencil sharpener, a printing press, a safe, a ping pong robot with paddles, and a globe.

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