Using Spice Subscription Kits For Homeschool (Unboxing)

In this post I will be unboxing spice subscription kits.  You will get to see everything that comes in the packaging.  The two kits we will be looking at are Spice Breeze and Piquant Post Spice Subscription kits. These make a wonderful and fun addition to your homeschool cooking lessons.  Not only are they inexpensive.  They are easy to use, they encourage exploration and creativity.  Your kids will get to travel the globe and learn about other cultures through food.  Best of all, they discourage picky eaters and get the family cooking together.  Even if you aren’t using them in your curriculum, they still make for great family projects. One of the things I didn’t fully talk about is that the kits will require you to purchase ingredients from the store.  I prefer this because my family deals with food allergies.  This allows me to customize the meals to my own home and budget.  On average, if you make one meal per week you will get a full months worth of cooking projects for your homeschool curriculum.  Just in time for the next kit! If you love the video and want to try either of the kits out, click on the links below.  Make sure to use coupon code 1STBOXFREE on either box to get your first subscription box for free. To check out Piquant Post you can get it HERE. If you are interested in Spice Breeze you can get it HERE. If you enjoyed this unboxing and want to see more posts like this check these out: Unboxing Language Subscription Kits Unboxing All About Spelling Level 4 Feel free to let me know which spice kit is your favor in the links below.

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