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What are Creativity Days?

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School days can get monotonous for everyone. It can be such a challenge to keep the days fun and interesting. I use creativity days to help me when I feel like I’m about to run screaming for the hills. What are creativity days you ask? Anything you wish them to be.

Things to Do With Your Creativity Day

There are no hard and fast rules. If we want to spend the day working on art projects that’s what we do. If we want to build a Kiwico crate? That’s fine too. We can cook, go fishing, bike riding or swimming. If we want to make cupcakes and frosting we will. These days are meant to inspire creativity. To breathe life into our imagination. Each and every one of these has the potential to teach various lessons in mathematics, physics, PE, hand eye coordination and many other things.

If you are unsure of what to do or how to start, you could always use these days to do a unit study. Find something that really interests your child and begin there. If they love cats, spend the day learning about cats. If it’s birds, build a birdhouse. Plant a garden. Build a fort. Do something that doesn’t feel or look like school. We use these days to practice Unschooling.  If you have never heard of it you can read my post on it HERE.  It will make everyone feel refreshed.

I try to tuck at least two of them in per month. Think of them as memory makers.  How do you get creative?  Let me know.

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