Unboxing Talkbox.mom Language Subscription Kits

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So today we are going to be unboxing Talkbox language subscription in Spanish.  I’m going to go through everything that is in the kit as well as discuss the App that goes with it.  These boxes are different than most language curriculums because it is designed to get the whole family involve in learning a language together.  The boxes are meant to be used in conjunction with the App.

The Talkbox is currently available in 11 languages including:


Each language currently has a total of 9 different boxes and a phrase book.  After you watch the Unboxing Talkbox video be sure to check out the actual kits by going to the Talkbox.mom website HERE.

Be sure to use coupon code:

selfmademodern20 for $20 off the first box+phrasebook or selfmademodern5 for $5 off the the phrasebook

Once we have spent sometime using the program as a family, I will write a full review.  If you enjoyed this unboxing post be sure to check out these others:

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If you have any questions about the kits, be sure to post them in the comments section below.

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